Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five years since my first MRI

Goodness me, how time flies! I stumbled upon this interesting anniversary while looking for some mundane-but-critical paperwork. Its not something I fixate on daily, weekly or even monthly. Lately not even annually. So the 'About Me' panel is ever-so-slightly out of date.

Anniversaries are funny things... I felt both saddened and triumphant. To quote the inimitable Granny Weatherwax, "I aten't dead". Since the first MRI was to rule out delights such as bleeding, cancer or a stroke, that seemed moderately unlikely at the time.

Equally my life is quite different, in many ways, to what it was 5 years back. Better, in many ways. I believe I play a fair hand even with some very random cards. And a possible diagnosis focusses the mind wonderfully well. But different, and the weird Neuro shit was behind many of the changes. I definitely appreciate my body more, and I'm learning to be tender of its needs. I may look healthy & robust - in many ways I AM healthy & robust - I am also tender and delicate at the same time. I just spent several minutes trying to come up with a pungent & apposite metaphor, but I got nothin'...

Five years, like, wow!

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